App requirements

Requirements for public apps on Shoplazza

The following requirements are used at Shoplazza to review all public apps. They're intended to provide the best experience across the entire app lifecycle, from branding, to installation, to onboarding, functionality, and quality. By following them, you can make sure that the review process is as quick as possible when you submit your own apps.

Some categories of the app, need to meet additional requirements based on how they're configured. You can find these requirements in the Specific requirements for certain app configurations section below.

General requirements for all apps

The requirements in this section apply to both listed and unlisted public apps. Depending on how your app is configured, it might also need to meet the requirements in the Specific requirements for certain app configurations section below.

  • Prohibited app configurations: Some types of apps aren't permitted on the Shoplazza App Store.

  • Installation and setup: The installation requirements describe the correct flows for authentication, app install, and any sign-up steps (if required).

  • Functionality and quality: The functionality and quality requirements apply to the core features of your app, such as its user interface and performance.

  • App performance: The performance requirements and best practices, and to test that their products continue to meet our minimum requirements for speed.

  • App listing: Your listing should clearly communicate functionality so that merchants can quickly understand the benefits of your app.

  • Security and merchant risk: You need to make sure that it's secure so that the merchants who use it won't be at risk.

  • Data and user privacy: Make sure that your app meets the current best practices (and in some cases, the legal requirements) that protect customer data and user privacy.

  • App Support: Providing instructive in-app context and support so that merchants can quickly get the help they need when they use your app.