Data and user privacy

Depending on the purpose of your app, it might need to manage and store customer data. Make sure that your app meets the current best practices (and in some cases, the legal requirements) that protect customer data and user privacy.

Data and user privacy

  1. If your app is used by merchants based in Europe, or merchants with buyers based in Europe, then it's your responsibility to make sure that your app is GDPR compliant.

  2. You must include a link to a privacy policy in your app listing to communicate how your app uses data, and to help build trust with merchants.

  3. If your app handles a significant amount of customer data, then it should have a system in place to manage that data properly, including secure storage and the ability to erase data at the user's request as per the data rights of individuals.

  4. If your app runs marketing or advertising campaigns that require personal information, then it must have a system for allowing users to provide data consent for marketing promotions.