Functionality and quality

For your app to be successful, it should offer a consistent and positive experience for the merchants who use it. The following functionality and quality requirements apply to the core features of your app, such as its user interface, performance, and billing.

User interface

By offering a great user interface, you can make it easier for merchants to use your app to grow their businesses. Your app's user interface must meet the following requirements:

  1. Your app must have a user interface, including buttons, controls, setup or onboarding instructions, and features for merchants to interact with.

State of the app

Merchants are busy, and every minute matters when running their businesses. By making sure that your app performs well, you can help merchants achieve their goals faster and spend more time on the problems that need their attention the most.

  1. Your app must be a stable, finished product when you submit it to the Shoplazza App Store. It shouldn't be in beta or an otherwise unfinished state. If your app is broken or has bugs, then it can discourage merchants from using it, and in some cases it might even interfere with their businesses.

  2. Apps that no longer reflect the original core functionality submitted to the Shoplazza App Store will be re-evaluated and will need to be resubmitted for a full App review.