Theme Properties


Requires themes access scope.

UploadTask Properties

store_idintegerStore’s ID
typestringDefault is "themes”, represents personal themes
statusintegerTask status:

- 0: In progress
- 1: Uploaded successfully
- 2: Upload failed
- 3: Canceled
created_atstringCreation time, formatted as ISO-8601
updated_atstringLast modification time, formatted as ISO-8601
infojson_stringDetails of the task, theme ID returned if upload successful
messagestringTask information, error reason if failed
manifeststringTheme manifest

Theme Properties

Field NameTypeDescription
namestringTheme name
localestringLanguage, default is en-US
presetstringTheme style
typestringTheme type:

- shoplazza: Internal shoplazza themes
- developer: Third-party developer themes
defaultstringIndicates if it's the default theme
pc_cover_urlstringCover image URL for desktop
mobile_cover_urlstringCover image URL for mobile
publishedstringIndicates if the theme is published
is_auto_upgradestringIndicates if the theme is auto-upgraded
versionstringTheme version
c_versionstringClient side version
newest_c_versionstringLatest client side version
has_newest_versionboolIndicates if there's a newer version available
merchant_theme_idstringMerchant theme ID
merchant_theme_namestringMerchant theme name
merchant_theme_infostringMerchant theme information
descstringMerchant theme details
theme_version_idstringTheme version ID
change_logstringChange log
updated_atstringLast modification time
version_publish_timestringVersion publishing time
auto_save_timestringAuto-save time
theme_save_timestringLast theme save time
publish_timestringLast publish time


  "id": "4fe3e348-eefd-4f55-aa13-9f123a2c984b",
  "merchant_theme_id": "",
  "theme_version_id": "1",
  "version": null,
  "c_version": "1.0.0",
  "change_log": "",
  "version_publish_time": "1546963146",
  "merchant_theme_info": null,
  "name": "Nova-2023-main",
  "locale": "en-US",
  "preset": "",
  "published": "0",
  "is_auto_upgrade": "0",
  "updated_at": "1714461023",
  "auto_save_time": "1714461023",
  "theme_save_time": null,
  "publish_time": null