URL Redirects Properties

A URL redirect is a technique that allows you to redirect traffic from one webpage to another. In the context of your Shoplazza online store, URL redirects are utilized when you change the URL of a product page in your store. You can use a custom redirect to ensure that customers who have bookmarked the previous URL or find the existing URL through a search engine like Google, or Bing are automatically redirected to your new custom URL.
Customizing URL redirects are especially important if you have recently migrated to Shoplazza from other Platforms. By generating new URL redirects in your store navigations, you are ensuring URLs are up-to-date and current with the Shoplazza URL structure as well as keeping your site SEO friendly.


Requires shop_navigation access scope.

URL Redirects Properties

Field NameTypeDescription
store_idintegerStore‘s ID
statusstringRedirection status
from_urlstringOriginal URL, for example: /collections/hot-selling
redirect_urlstringRedirected URL, for example: /collections/test1567


  "id": 373043233132924740,
  "store_id": 633130,
  "status": "open",
  "from_url": "/collections/hot-selling",
  "redirect_url": "/collections/test1567"