5.Submit App for review

The final step in getting your app onto Shoplazza's platform is to submit it for review. Shoplazza makes it easy for partners to get their app reviewed. They only need a full manual review when the app is first launched. Once the app is approved and available on the App Store, subsequent feature updates won't require a full manual review. This helps partners to get their app approved efficiently and allows merchants to quickly access the updates they need, even in a rapidly changing market.

Detailed operational steps

  1. Run validate

If not ok,you will get a to-do list

  1. click Submit under the Publish your app section.

If validation is ok,you can submit your app for review。

Then, you must enter some information :

  1. Wait for result

Once you submit your app for review, shoplazaa will receive a emali, it may take 1-7 businesses to get a result which will send a email to your email.

App Review Process

When a public app is submitted for review, it goes through a new phase, and its status changes, requiring partners to adjust their response accordingly. Please refer to the Public App Lifecycle for more details.

APP Property Review

Before submitting for review, please ensure that you have filled out the relevant attributes of your application.

General requirements for all apps

The requirements in this section apply to both listed and unlisted public apps. Depending on how your app is configured, it might also need to meet the requirements in the Specific requirements for certain app configurations section below.

  • Prohibited app configurations: Some types of apps aren't permitted on the Shoplazza App Store.
  • Installation and setup: The installation requirements describe the correct flows for authentication, app install, and any sign-up steps (if required).
  • Functionality and quality: The functionality and quality requirements apply to the core features of your app, such as its user interface and performance.
  • App performance: The performance requirements and best practices, and to test that their products continue to meet our minimum requirements for speed.
  • App listing: Your listing should clearly communicate functionality so that merchants can quickly understand the benefits of your app.
  • Security and merchant risk: You need to make sure that it's secure so that the merchants who use it won't be at risk.
  • Data and user privacy: Make sure that your app meets the current best practices (and in some cases, the legal requirements) that protect customer data and user privacy.
  • App Support: Providing instructive in-app context and support so that merchants can quickly get the help they need when they use your app.

App Review Rules

Shoplazza Review Team has determined some rules to decide whether an app can be published or not. The rules are:

  • Merchants should be able to install the app without OAuth app authorization process.
  • Merchants should be able to install the app easily without any errors.
  • The app should only request permissions that are necessary.
  • The app should not have any errors that stop it from working correctly.
  • The app's title and description should be clear and complete.
  • The app should not contain any characters that compete with Shoplazza.
  • The app should use the Shoplazza Open API.
  • The app should not duplicate functionality that is already available in other apps.
  • The app should not share merchant data with third parties without permission from the merchant.
  • The app should not require additional plug-ins to work properly.
  • The app should be stable and work well.
  • The app should not pose any security risks to Shoplazza or the merchant.
  • The app should not violate merchant or customer privacy.
  • The app should respond to urgent merchant requests within 30 days.
  • The app listing should not contain inappropriate content.
  • Any translated listings should be for languages that the app actually supports.

If an app does not follow these rules during the review process, it will be rejected. The developer will receive an email explaining why the app was rejected and can make necessary adjustments before resubmitting the app for review.

Unpublish your public App

There are two scenarios that your app may get unpublished:

  • Shoplazza Review Team regularly cleans up and unpublish apps that violate the review rules described above.
  • You have decided to unpublish your apps.

Shoplazza Review Team regularly cleans up and unpublish apps

The Shoplazza audit team will check apps from time to time, and if they don't meet the requirements, they will be taken down to keep the app system healthy and long-lasting. Once an app is taken down, the partner will receive an email notice from the Shoplazza Review Team, providing them with the option to make the necessary changes and resubmit the app for review.

Partners can unpublish their own apps

If partners decide to take down their created apps from the App Store, they can unpublish the app from the Partner dashboard.
To unpublish your app, login to the Partner Center , go to Apps App List Manage Apps Unpublish Apps.
After an app is taken down, merchants will not be able to install your app from the App Store . However, merchants who have already installed the app will not be affected.