4.Test your app

Validate your app config

Before testing your application, you can click the "Run validate" button to verify whether your application configuration meets the requirements.

After run validate,if not ok,it will give you to_do list

It means you must fill in the right Redirect URL.

create or choose a develop store for testing

Before your application is fully developed, it cannot pass the review process to be listed in the app marketplace for installation and use by merchants. Therefore, to test the current state of your application's functionality, we provide a "Developer Store" for application testing. A Developer Store has more capabilities than an official store, allowing it to experience some newly developed and potentially unstable store features, functions, or new API interfaces, or new protocols, etc., before they are officially promoted and available for use in official stores.
The Developer Store has several characteristics:

  1. The Developer Store has a specific data identifier.
  2. A Developer Store under a certain partner account can install and test applications under that account.
  3. A developer can have a maximum of 20 Developer Stores.
  4. Developer Stores cannot be transferred.
    The operational steps are as follows:

The operational steps are as follows:

  1. Click "select sotre"

  1. Click "Add store"

  1. Enter "store name" and "Store URL", then click "Create"

  1. Click Install app, and you will be redirected to the authorized installation page of the store for testing.