Collection Properties


Requires collection access scope.

Collection properties

idstringThe ID of the collection.
titlestringThe title of the collection.
descriptionstringThe description of the collection, supports rich text.
handlestringThe SEO link
smartstringWhether it is a smart .
imageimage The image for the collection.
seo_titlestringSEO title.
seo_descriptionstringSEO description.
seo_keywordsstringSEO keywords, separated by English commas.
sort_orderstringCollection merchandise sorting rules:
- alpha-asc: by product title A-Z
- alpha-desc: by product title Z-A
- price-asc: by price, low to high
- price-desc: by price, high to low
- created-desc: by creation time, newest first
- manual: manually
created_atstringCreation time, formatted as ISO-8601
updated_atstringLast modification time, formatted as ISO-8601


  "id": "e79e6138-ae9a-4046-8d6c-50883c20535e",
  "title": "Test-Collection",
  "description": "Desc",
  "handle": "test-collection",
  "smart": false,
  "image": {
    "src": "//",
    "width": 1920,
    "height": 1080,
    "alt": "",
    "path": "9de53f9726576696b318a8d95c0946cb.jpeg"
  "seo_title": "seo_title",
  "seo_description": "Desc",
  "seo_keywords": "test",
  "sort_order": "manual",
  "created_at": "2024-04-17T07:33:02Z",
  "updated_at": "2024-04-17T07:35:11Z"