Transaction Properties


Requires order access scope.

Transaction Properties

order_idstringOrder ID
payment_channelstringPayment channel
messagestringJSON returned by payment provider with additional information about transaction success or failure reason
created_atstringTransaction creation time
testbooleanWhether it's a test order
error_codestringError code
amountstringTransaction amount
currencystringTransaction currency
trade_idstringUnique trade ID on the payment provider's side
payment_detailsPaymentDetailsPayment details


card_numberstringCredit card number, showing only the first 6 and last 4 digits
card_monthstringCredit card expiration month
card_yearstringCredit card expiration year
card_first_namestringCardholder's first name
card_last_namestringCardholder's last name
card_first_sixstringFirst 6 digits of the card number
card_last_fourstringLast 4 digits of the card number
avs_result_codestringAddress Verification System response code
cvv_result_codestringResponse code from the credit card company indicating if the customer correctly entered the card's security code or CVV


  "id": "2150768865",
  "order_id": "633130-00000007",
  "payment_channel": "bogus",
  "message": "",
  "created_at": "2024-04-19 09:54:03",
  "test": true,
  "error_code": "",
  "amount": "109.9000",
  "currency": "CNY",
  "trade_id": "test_633130-00000007",
  "status": "success",
  "payment_details": {
    "card_number": "420000******0000",
    "card_month": "01",
    "card_year": "27",
    "card_first_name": "ryan",
    "card_last_name": "zhang",
    "card_first_fix": "420000",
    "card_last_four": "0000",
    "avs_result_code": "",
    "cvv_result_code": ""
  "payment_name": ""