Quick Construction of Private Apps

Create Private App at Store Admin

Shoplazza requires private app to have Access Token authentication before it can use Shoplazza Open API.. Therefore, before you start the public development phase, you need have ask merchants to complete the following steps to create an private app for you in Shoplazza Store Admin:

  1. Log in to Shoplazza Store Admin.


Register if no account

After login, you can see the index page of Store Admin.

then click the "Apps" menu:

  1. Click Manage Private Apps.

  1. Next, click "Create App"

Access to the Shoplazza Admin API requires permissions, and different APIs require different access permissions.

API Access URLscope

  1. Enter the Private app name, Emergency developer email, select the Webhook API version and Permissions for your app.

  • Click "Save"

The system automatically creates an Access token、Access token and Access token,you can see it by clicking the private app name.

After the private app is created, you should ask merchants to provide the private app Access Token to you, so you can start developing the private app by making authenticated request to Shoplazza Open API.

Private app must have Access token before it can make authenticated request to Shoplazza Open API, refer to Access Token to learn more.

Fields of private app

To create a private app you need to fill in the following information:

FieldDefinitionUse of
Private app nameThe name of the private appIdentify which private app in private app list in Shoplazza Store Admin - Private Apps
Emergency developer emailThe email of the app developerFor merchants or Shoplazza platform to contact the private app developer if any emergency bug occurred in private app.
Webhook API versionThe webhook API version of the private appPrivate app using the webhook to receive the event callback from merchants store initiated by Shoplazza Platform.
PermissionsThe permissions of the private app can use in Open APIMerchant should carefully control the permissions of the private app for the security concerns. Refer to Access Scopes.

Prepare your application service

With the access_token, you can access the Shoplazza API , such as:

Testing your app

Testing of private applications does not require any configuration in the Shoplazza-related systems; it is only necessary to ensure that the corresponding services of the application are running stably.
With this, the creation of the private application is complete.