Understanding Shoplazza Apps

Unlike typical mobile apps that require installation packages, Shoplazza apps don't need them. They represent a set of services available on the Shoplazza platform. These services seamlessly integrate with Shoplazza's capabilities through the Shoplazza OpenAPI, enhancing the platform's ability to meet merchant needs. Apps are crucial for expanding the functionalities of Shoplazza's standalone stores. Merchants engage with and utilize apps by installing them. Installing apps is the exclusive way for merchants to access and authorize app features.

Key Development Scenarios for Shoplazza Apps

Store Admin for Merchants

Apps in this category can utilize a range of backend interfaces provided by Shoplazza, including orders, shipping, products, and customer data, to assist merchants in developing their stores and enhancing their business management capabilities. Merchants can easily install these apps within the Store Admin section.

Online Storefront

Online stores serve as the digital marketplace where consumers browse and purchase products. Merchants utilize this platform to showcase and sell their products. Apps designed for this scenario leverage tools like Theme API and Script Tags to help merchants customize their storefronts, enhance the shopping experience, and boost conversion rates.

Customer-Centric Marketing

This scenario focuses on reaching and engaging customers through targeted marketing activities and leveraging insights from business and user behavior data analysis. The goal is to increase customer retention and drive more transactions.

Look at the diagram below to see how apps work in different scenarios: