What is a Shoplazza App

Unlike mobile apps that have an installation package, Shoplazza Apps do not have an installation package. They are simply "a set of services" represented on the Shoplazza platform. These services integrate with the capabilities of the Shoplazza platform through the Shoplazza OpenAPI to better serve the needs of merchants. Apps are used to extend the capabilities of Shoplazza's existing standalone sites. Merchants install apps to bind and use them. Installing an app is the only way for merchants to use and authorize the app.

Main Scenarios for Developing Shoplazza Apps

Scenario 1: B-End Store Management Backend (Store Admin)

Apps in this area can help merchants build their stores and improve business management capabilities through a series of store backend-related interfaces provided by Shoplazza, such as orders, logistics, products, and buyers. Merchants can install apps in Store Admin.

Scenario 2: C-End Store (Online Store)

The C-end store is where buyers purchase goods. Merchants use the Online Store to display and sell their products. Apps in this area can help merchants build store display pages and customize shopping experiences to improve conversion rates through Theme API, Script Tag, etc.

Scenario 3: Marketing for C-End Users

Reach out to users, use marketing activities, business data analysis, and user behavior data analysis to retain customers and increase transactions.