Managing app reviews

Managing app reviews in the Shoplazza App Store

After a merchant installs your app, they can leave a review for it. Positive reviews can encourage merchants to use your app and increase the numbers of installs it gets. If your app is listed on the Shoplazza App Store, then positive reviews can make your app appear higher in search results or homepage. Reviews are also an important part of getting exposed on the Shoplazza App Store homepage.

When a merchant leaves a review for your app, they rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 and leave a comment. To leave a review, the merchant must have installed your app to their store. After a merchant uninstalls an app, they can't leave a review, but they can update their reviews which posted before uninstalling.

How to ask for an app review

You can ask merchants to leave reviews as long as you don't encourage them to leave a good review. You should use neutral language, and never attach a review with an offer. For example:

"We value feedback! It helps us make our product better and keeps us energized. Let us know how we’re doing."

To appropriately ask for an app review, we recommend the following actions:

  • Include in-product messaging where it makes sense: Avoid placing content in a location that blocks scrolling or inhibits a workflow. This might make merchants feel like they have to leave a review to continue using the app.
  • Ask for reviews following a support interaction: Merchants might appreciate the care you’ve put into helping them out and might want to share their experience.
  • Allow merchants to say no to requests to leave reviews: If you give merchants the option to not be asked again to leave a review, then they will appreciate being heard.

You can include a link to the reviews section of your app listing page by adding ##reviewList to the end of your app listing URL:{your-app-id}/#reviewList

Managing negative reviews

Negative reviews can be helpful at identifying issues with your app. They can also be an opportunity to show how you respond to negative feedback in review replies and demonstrate your team's merchant support skills. Merchants will appreciate a solid reply to negative feedback.

If a merchant leaves a negative review because of a bug or other issue, then you should work with the merchant to fix the issue.