Getting started


The process of building a payment app and having it approved by Shoplazza includes the following steps:

  • Apply to become a payment provider. If you aren't a Shoplazza Partner yet, please sign up to be one before asking to be a payment partner.
  • Build your payment app and send us configuration for payment app.
  • Test your app on a development store
  • Submit your payment app

Build the Payment App

To build a payments app, you need to create a public app in your Partner Dashboard and then send us a email to [email protected] to apply Payment App with information requested ( see example below). Merchants install your public app using OAuth in their Store Admin. After you've created and configured the app, you can move on to designing its flows and features.


Apply for Payment App

Email subject: Apply for Payment App ( Partner ID: XXX )
I would like to apply Payment App for Shoplazza, I've included all requisite information below:

App Configuration:

  • App Name:
  • Official Website URL:
  • Official Management Portal URL:
  • App Icon (background white):
  • Account Key Label:
  • Sign Key Label:
  • Supported Payment Method:
  • Payment Session URL:

Business Configuration:

  • Business License:
  • PCI certificate:
  • PCI AVS report:
  • Payment License:
  • payment process and settlement process:

Please let me know if you have any questions,

< Your Name >

Payment App Configuration

Information TitleDescription
App Nameyour App Name in partner center
Official Website URLPayment App's official website URL
Official Management Portal URLPayment App's official admin portal URL
App IconApp's Icon, in white-color font and transparent background, 150px x 150px required
Account Key LabelThe Text Label displayed in Store Admin for configuration, to display account key related field
Sign Key LabelThe Text Label displayed in Store Admin for configuration, to display sign key related field
Supported Payment MethodSee Payment Method List, please List Card Type, separated by comma, eg: "Visa,Mastercard,JCB"
Payment Session URLThe endpoint Shoplazza will trigger to call while customer are ready to pay within Checkout
Business LicenseThe permits issued by government agencies for your business.
PCI certificateThe certification of Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. Your business has to be PCI-compliant if you want to apply for open API of Payment on SHOPLAZZA
PCI AVS reportApproved Scanning Vendor Report, you may contact with your PCI vendor for the report
Payment LicenseIf you does settlement to merchants, please provide this license
Payment process and Settlement processPlease specify your payment process and settlement process

Test your Payment App

You can test your app by installing it on a development store. When using a development store, the payment gateway must have test mode enabled, or payments are blocked.

Submit your Payment App for approval

Before your payment app can be installed on a non development store, all payments apps need to be approved by Shoplazza review team. You can prepare your app for review by following the app approval guidelines.

After everything is okay, please send us a email to apply the approval via [email protected]

Payment Method List

Payment MethodIcon
Union Pay
Safety Pay
Qiwi Wallet
Paysafe card
My Bank
Cartes Bancaires
American Express