Private Beta

This is a private beta version of App Bridge. The documentation will be updated as we introduce new features.

Shoplazza App Bridge lets you embed your app directly inside the Shoplazza store admin, as well as customize Shoplazza UI elements outside of your app.

App Bridge is a standalone vanilla JavaScript library.

Merchant experience

By embedding your app in Shoplazza with App Bridge, you can create a great user experience that is familiar and easy-to-use for Shoplazza merchants. App Bridge also helps you ensure that this experience is consistent no matter where a merchant is using your app.

Developer experience

App Bridge not only helps you create a great merchant experience, but it also provides a great developer experience.

  • Integrates into your workflow: App Bridge works how you do, whether you prefer to use modular JavaScript with a build system
  • Type safety: App Bridge is written in TypeScript (but whether you use it in your app is up to you).