The collection template renders the collection page, which lists all products within a collection.


The collection template is located in the templates directory of the theme:

└── theme
    ├── layout
    ├── templates
    |   ...
    |   ├── collection.liquid
    |   ...


You should include the collection object in your section inside the template.

The collection object

You can access the Liquid collection object to display the collection details.


When working with the collection template, you should familiarize yourself with the following:

Filter collections

You can use storefront filtering to filter collections into smaller subsets of products.

Paginate products

Products can be accessed through the products attribute of the collection object, you should paginate a collection’s products to ensure that they’re all accessible:

{% paginate collection.products by 20 %}
  {% for product in collection.products %}
    <!-- product info -->
  {% endfor %}
{% endpaginate %}