HTML tags render HTML elements using Shoplazza-specific attributes.


Generates an HTML <div> tag with shoplazza-product-snippet class and product-id attribute to wrap its content.

Currently, you can only specify a product type.

{% snippet 'snippet_type' %}
{% endsnippet %}
  • snippet_type: The name of the desired form type.
  • content: The form contents.


It will find the element that uses the title of the product and give it the class shoplazza-product-snippet-title.

{% snippet 'product', product: product %}
  <a>{{ product.title }}</a>
  <!-- other content -->
{% endsnippet %}
<div class="shoplazza-product-snippet" product-id="0f0eaab1-afaa-4bf2-b1d9-993f10c2c63e">
  <a class="shoplazza-product-snippet-title">Lace-up Leather Manston Runner</a>