The content and settings of a section block.

Sections and blocks are reusable modules of content that make up templates.

idnumberThe ID of the block.

The ID is dynamically generated by Shoplazza.
settings-The settings of the block.

To learn about how to access settings, refer to Access settings. To learn which input settings can be applied to the type property within settings, refer to Input settings.
shoplaza_attributesstringThe data attributes for the block for use in the theme editor.

The theme editor's JavaScript API uses the data attributes to identify blocks and listen for events. No value for block.shoplaza_attributes is returned outside the theme editor.
typestringThe type of the block.

The type is a free-form string that's defined in the block's schema. You can use the type as an identifier. For example, you might display different markups based on the block type.
  "id": "0",
  "type": "announcement",
  "settings": {},
  "shoplaza_attributes": "data-shoplaza-editor-block=\"{\"index\":0,\"type\":\"announcement\"}"