A link in a menu.

idstringThe id of the link item.
levelsnumberThe number of nested levels under the link.
object-The object associated with the link.
titlestringThe title of the link item.
typestring from a set of values, refer to type valuesThe type of the link item.
urlstringThe URL of the link item.

type values

Possible valuesDescription
articleThe link points to an article.
blogThe link points to a blog.
collectionThe link points to a collection.
homeThe link points to an index page.
order_lookupThe link points to order verification and lookup.
pageThe link points to a page.
productThe link points to a product page.
webThe link points to an external web page, a product type, or a vendor collection.
  "type": "collection",
  "source_id": "fee44eea-db43-466e-a57b-5ece05e830ee",
  "url": "/collections/all-collections",
  "title": "Shop",
  "id": "46943745",
  "levels": 2,
  "object": {
    "type": "collection",
    "source_id": "275cefa9-db7e-4192-99be-0748b45f1a4a",
    "url": "/collections/all-collections",
    "title":"All Collections"