A customer of the store.

Outside of the above contexts, if the customer isn't logged into their account, the customer object returns nil.

idstringThe ID of the customer.
namestringThe full name of the customer.
first_namestringThe first name of the customer.
last_namestringThe last name of the customer.
emailstringThe email of the customer.
phonestringThe phone number of the customer.
infoarrayAll of the orders are placed by the customer.
orders_countnumberThe total number of orders that the customer has placed.
tagsstringThe tag of the customer, displayed only when the customer is logged in.
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "first_name": "Fashion",
  "id": "81a4045d-ca0e-4fc9-8dad-3aa4ba8ef234",
  "info": [],
  "last_name": "Maker",
  "name": "Fashion Maker",
  "orders_count": 0,
  "phone": "+441314960905",
  "tags": "tag1,tag2"