A customer of the store.

Outside of the above contexts, if the customer isn't logged into their account, the customer object returns nil.

emailstringThe email of the customer.
first_namestringThe first name of the customer.
idstringThe ID of the customer.
infoarrayAll of the orders are placed by the customer.
last_namestringThe last name of the customer.
namestringThe full name of the customer.
orders_countnumberThe total number of orders that the customer has placed.
phonestringThe phone number of the customer.
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "first_name": "Fashion",
  "id": "81a4045d-ca0e-4fc9-8dad-3aa4ba8ef234",
  "info": [],
  "last_name": "Maker",
  "name": "Fashion Maker",
  "orders_count": 0,
  "phone": "+441314960905"