Theme listing

When submitting your theme to the Shoplazza Theme Store, follow these guidelines when submitting your theme and writing your Shoplazza Theme Store listing page.

Theme zip file

The first step to submitting your theme is uploading the theme ZIP file. Be sure to test your theme on your development store before you submit it to the Theme Store.

A ZIP validator assesses the contents of your .zip file, including the following:

  • the name of the theme as specified, in the theme_name attribute the settings_schema.json
  • the name and number of the styles included in your theme

You can’t change the theme name after uploading, so ensure that you follow the naming guidelines.

Theme review notes

Describe the type of merchant that your theme is built for, and how the features of this theme help merchants to be successful in engaging and converting customers. This information isn’t shown directly to merchants but helps our reviewers understand your goals for the theme, and it helps our operations team curate themes for collections and recommendations for specific merchant segments.

Theme review instructions

Provide instructions for testing your theme. Include any special setup that's required, such as admin settings. List the IDs and passwords for the demo stores so that reviewers can easily see and test the theme customization settings. Provide instructions on how to find the main features of your theme.

Theme value proposition

Theme subtitle

This is a one-line advertisement for your theme, using 70 characters or less. Taglines should be short, succinct, and they should sum up what makes your theme unique. Effective approaches to writing theme taglines are:

  • Identify the unique purpose of the theme. For example, "Designed for your crowdfunding campaign" or "Tailor-made for modern apparel stores".
  • Describe the style and benefit of the theme. For example, "A minimalist theme that puts your photography front and center" or "An editorial-inspired design that’s perfect for publishers".
  • Avoid using the tagline to describe specific theme features.
  • Avoid using technical words that might not be clear.
  • Avoid overt uses of marketing language such as "world’s best", or overusing adjectives such as "stunning" or "amazing".


Will be shown in the theme store, search engine results, and link previews.

Industry fit

While themes can be customized for most merchant needs, select the types of businesses your theme works best for with minimal customization.

For example, if your theme includes features that are usually required by stores in a particular industry, then select that industry. Themes are included in industry collections based on your selections, and recommendations are made based on matches between theme industry and merchant industry data.

The following is the list of industries that you can select from for this field.

Art and entertainmentarts & crafts supplies, collectibles, musical instruments, party supplies, etc.
Business equipment and suppliessafety equipment, laboratory supplies, medical equipment, food service supplies, signage, etc.
Clothing and accessoriesclothing, jewelry, accessories
Electronicscomputers, computer accessories, printers, mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, cameras, etc.
Food and drinkfood, beverages, restaurants, meal kits, etc.
Hardware and automotivevehicle parts and building materials, plumbing fixtures, power & electrical supplies, tools, etc.
Health and beautyfirst aid, cosmetics, hair care supplies, shaving & grooming supplies, etc.
Home and Gardenbathroom accessories, home decor items, household appliances, household supplies, kitchen & dining items, lawn & garden items, lighting, linens & bedding, etc.
Pet suppliespet food, pet toys, pet accessories, etc.
Sports and recreationalsports equipment, exercise equipment, etc.
Toys and gamesToys and games

Catalog size

Select whether your theme is best suited for small or large catalog sizes. If you didn’t design the theme with a specific catalog size in mind, you can leave this field blank and your theme listing will show Any catalog size. However, recommendations and search results will be driven by selecting a value, but not by leaving the selection blank. For example, merchants looking specifically for themes suited to small product catalogs will be shown themes that are identified as such.

Styles and demo stores

Demo store url

A separate form section is generated for each style that's included in your theme ZIP file. For each style, provide a link to a complete and fully functioning demo store that uses that style. Ensure that your demo stores meet Shoplazza's demo store requirements before linking.

Demo screenshots

For each demo, provide one mobile and one desktop screenshot of the home page.

Screenshot requirements:

  • Desktop screenshot dimensions must be 1000px by 1248px.
  • Mobile screenshot dimensions must be 750px by 1334px.
  • Provide alt text for all images for accessibility and to improve SEO.
  • Don’t include desktop backgrounds, added text, and browser windows in your screenshots. Crop them so that your images aren’t cluttered and don’t distract merchants from your theme.
  • Your mobile screenshots can't be duplicates of your desktop screenshots.

Key highlights

Include three highlights that differentiate your theme for merchants.

Image Guidelines

  • Provide a title (maximum 30 characters) and description (maximum 140 characters).
  • Don’t use the Shoplazza logo or name in your images.
  • Image dimensions must be 1600px by 1200px.
  • Don't use animated gif images.

Support and documentation

You're required to provide a way for merchants to get help through a contact form, as well as provide a link to the documentation for your theme. We encourage partners to have CRM software such as a help desk set up to help manage merchant tickets. A contact email address isn't sufficient for the long term. See Supporting your theme for more details about how to successfully support merchants.