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      "title": "\u6bcf\u65e5\u4e00\u7bc7"
  "content": "<p><span>Round, juicy glutes play a vital role in aesthetics — but have you ever thought about why strong glutes are essential, not just for a good-looking shape, but for your upright posture, athletic performance, and health?</span><span>&nbsp;</span></p>\n<p><span>The gluteal complex is the engine of your whole body—it generates power and initiates almost all human movement. It also happens to be the strongest muscle in the body. Walking, running, jumping, golf swinging, sitting on the sofa, or just taking a little step, your glutes are working on your hips' rotational flexion and extension to stabilize your pelvic and lower back.</span></p>\n<p><img src=\"\" alt=\"\" width=\"674\" height=\"380\"><br><br><br></p>\n<h1><strong>The reasons why strong glutes are important?</strong></h1>\n<h3><strong>A</strong><strong>void the risk of Dead Butt Syndrome.</strong></h3>\n<p><span>Dead Butt Syndrome, technically known as “gluteal amnesia,” means that a person’s glutes forget or be depressed to do their job — typically stabilizing the pelvis and affecting the body’s alignment — because of glute inactivity or a sedentary lifestyle.</span></p>\n<p><img src=\"\" alt=\"\" width=\"640\" height=\"371\"><br><br><br></p>\n<h3><strong>Alleviate Lower Back Pain</strong></h3>\n<p><span>Neglecting gluteal strength is a common source in the daily life of directly to common back and lower body pain for many people. The gluteal muscles are in the mid position of the body, connecting the upper trunk to the lower body structures, including the sacrum, pelvis, and femur. Through the effects of the kinetic chain, weak gluteal muscles can lead to the lower back, knees, and hamstrings having to undergo more pressure, increasing the likelihood of strains.&nbsp;</span></p>\n<p><span>Therefore, strengthening the glute can help to power your moves, support your weight, alleviate lower back pain and get an upright posture.</span></p>\n<h3>&nbsp;</h3>\n<h3><strong>Improve Athletic Performance</strong></h3>\n<h3><span>Have you ever seen a powerful athlete with a flat butt? You'll find your answer by looking at the Chinese flying man—Su Bingtian and the NBA Shooting Guard—James Harden.</span></h3>\n<p><img src=\"\" alt=\"\" width=\"647\" height=\"376\"></p>\n<p><span>Athletes who need quick changes in direction—like basketball, football, and tennis player- leverage the gluteus medius and minimus to help rotate the hips, creating propulsive force and momentum to change directions. Sprinters who do not need to change directions but only sprint forward need to activate the gluteus maximus because hip extension ensures a source of power for acceleration and sprinting.</span></p>\n<p><span>So hip strength is essential for endurance, explosive power, and pain prevention. It has been</span><a href=\"\"> <strong>proven</strong></a> <span>that athletes who work on developing strength and power in their glutes, hips, and posterior chains perform better.</span></p>\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n<h3><strong>Glutes exercises you can do at home without weights&nbsp;</strong></h3>\n<p><span>Start by doing at-home bodyweight exercises that target the glute. Turn this list from speediance’s fitness experts into a home glute workout by performing each movement 12 times, 4 sets in total. Let’s get rid of your weak glutes!</span></p>\n<p>"