To optimize your theme development experience, Shoplazza has established a set of best practices that you can refer to when developing your theme and setting up your toolchains and processes.

Designing and coding a theme

To create an optimal customer experience, and to keep your merchants' stores fast, accessible, and discoverable, then you need to consider many factors. While building Nova 2023, Shoplazza developers identified principles and best practices that you can follow to design and build an optimized theme:

  • Sections and blocks: You can use Shoplazza theme architecture to create a modular, highly customizable theme that allows merchants to reach their business goals. Learn more about considerations when splitting theme templates into sections and blocks, and how to decide how granular to make your theme components.
  • Performance: Performance is key to the success of the merchants that you support and to the experiences of their customers. Learn how to optimize and test your theme for performance.