The Shoplazza Theme Store is one of the first stops in a merchant’s journey to launching their online store. With flexible pricing and smart marketing features, building themes for the Shoplazza Theme Store is a great way to build your business while helping millions of merchants build theirs.

1. Get to know theme requirements

The first step to becoming a Shoplazza Theme Partner is to get familiar with our Theme Store requirements. Our checklist covers everything from technical and performance requirements to theme design and user experience.



Themes must meet all of our requirements to be published in the Shoplazza Theme Store. If your theme is missing any requirements, then your submission will be rejected and you will need to make further changes to your theme before it can be resubmitted.

2. Test your theme

To ensure that your theme contains the required Shoplazza features, and to ensure that it's flexible, resilient, and performant, you should test it before submission.

3. Submit your theme

When you’re ready to share your theme, learn about our review process and how to submit your theme to the Shoplazza Theme Store. We’ll help you craft a Theme Store listing so that merchants can understand the full potential of your theme.

4. Grow your theme business

After you're published on the Shoplazza Theme Store, learn how to make your theme more successful by supporting your theme, keeping it up to date, and managing merchant reviews. You can download the brand assets that you need to promote your theme in your own marketing materials.



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