Get Started


  • use node: > 14.14.0 (we use 14.18.2)
  • run npm i -g shoplazza-cli


  • run shoplazza login -p or shoplazza login --partner
  • choose your partner
  • choose your app


  • run shoplazza app generate extension
  • you can choose your extension type, but now only one option, choose Theme App Extension
  • input your extension name
  • waiting for downloading your extension template
  • run cd your-extension-path and you can happy coding now


  • run shoplazza app build at your work space (root directory)
  • we will map your assets directory and minify your css files and js files and generate minified files
  • then we will generate a assets-manifest.jsonfile to map minified files, don't remove it or change your assets minified files name
  • then we will build out a zip of the whole directory


  • run shoplazza app deploy extension
  • we will do some complicated steps to deploy your zip, so please waiting for it
  • this step won't publish your extension immediately, only create an new version


  • run shoplazza app publish extension
  • choose the vesion to publish you wanted, option with publishedis the latest version you published before


  • run shoplazza logout -p or shoplazza logout --partner