Core Commands

This reference lists the core commands that you can use with Shoplazza CLI.


Lists the available commands and describes what they do.

shoplazza help
shoplazza -h
shoplazza --help

You can also use the help command or options to get more detailed information about a specific command:

shoplazza help [command]
shoplazza [command] -h
shoplazza [command] --help


Authenticates and logs you into the specified store with Shoplazza CLI.

shoplazza login [--store <DOMAIN>]

Optional parameters

--store <DOMAIN>The store that you want to log in to.

To switch between stores that you have access to, use shoplazza switch.


Logs you out of the Shoplazza account or Partner account and store.

The logout command clears credentials. You need to reauthenticate the next time that you connect to a store.

shoplazza logout


Displays the store that you're currently connected to.

shoplazza store

Example output:

You're currently logged into


Switches between stores without logging out and logging in again.

shoplazza switch [--store <DOMAIN>]

If you enter this command without a --store flag, then you're prompted to select a store associated with your account.


Displays the version of Shoplazza CLI that you're running.

shoplazza version

Example output:


Next steps

Read the Shoplazza CLI theme command reference documentation