Developer Previews

Shoplazza releases new API versions every six months, and each version supports at least 12 months. The version name is based on the date, such as 2020-01. If your application calls a version that is no longer supported, it will return a 404 status when calling the request.

API with version

RESTful API URL: /openapi/{ version }/{ endpoint }.json

For example, the following URL calls version 2020-01:

RESTful API URL: /openapi/2020-01/products.json

Development Preview API

In order to quickly develop and iterate new API versions, we will also provide a development preview version of the API. The development preview version contains some experimental functional APIs, which may be unstable. Some APIs will be backward compatible, but some will not, and there is no guarantee that they will not be modified before becoming a stable version. If you The development preview version is used, please feel free to follow our version Change logs.

The release of this version will be backward compatible with the previous historical version (API version released before 2020), that is, when you call:

RESTful API URL: /openapi/products.json


RESTful API URL: /openapi/api/open/products.json

Both are consistent with the results obtained by the following new calling method:

RESTful API URL: /openapi/2020-01/products.json

For reasons of forward compatibility, if your request does not include a version, the system will use the current stable version (2020-01) by default. We recommend that you migrate to the calling method with version number as soon as possible. In addition, please be aware that version calls after 2020-01 must be accompanied by the version number).