2022-01 release notes

Release dateDate version is not available yet
Jan 31, 2022Jan 1, 2023

The 2022-01 release opens the endpoints for Product and Metafield. Cursor-based pagination has been implemented across Get Product List endpoints.Create product endpoint support idempotency. Rate limits has been added to all endpoints.

Such as endpoints of Order, Fulfillment, Customer, Webhook, Comment, Script Tag, Shop, App Proxy, Price Rule, Discount Code, Data are still under development, if you want to use these endpoints now, you can use 2020-07 version endpoints

What’s new in 2022-01

The following features were added in version 2022-01 of Shoplazza's APIs:

  • Rate limits has been added to all endpoints.
  • For Get Product List endpoint, page-based pagination has been replaced by cursor-based pagination.
  • Create product endpoint support idempotency, which allows you to safely retry API requests that might have failed due to connection issues, without causing duplication or conflicts.
  • Add Get Access Scopes endpoint to get the list of access scopes associated with the access
  • Payment app Open API support
  • Add Order Risk endpoint to get the risk information of orders

Breaking changes

These changes require special attention. If your app uses these API resources and you don’t upgrade to a more recent API version, then your app will break.

Rate Limits
The REST Admin API supports a limit of 40 requests per app per store per minute. This allotment replenishes at a rate of 2 requests per second.

Cursor-based pagination has been implemented across Get Product List endpoints, and more are expected to support cursor-paged pagination in upcoming versions.

Idempotent requests
If an API request is disrupted in transit, then you might not receive a response. By including an idempotency key in your request, repeated requests with the same parameters will be executed only once, no matter how many times the request is retried.

REST Admin API changes