Webhook APIs

Provide functional ability to react on different events your store's happening! You could subscribed to different events by using Shoplazza Webhook API, and make quick response to it.

Webhook — After merchant install your app, you can subscribe different webhooks to these stores by using Webhook API.

For example, when you app need to respond and send a greeting email once the customer created, you can use Webhook API to achieve it, once there are customer created in that store, Shoplazza will notify your specific endpoint by making a webhook API call, so that you don't need to regularly pull data from Shoplazza Open API to check if any new customer is created.

Webhook notification including HTTP headers and JSON data.
For example, orders/create event will including following headers:

  • X-Shoplazza-Topic: orders/create
  • X-Shoplazza-Hmac-Sha256: XWmrwMey6OsLMeiZKwP4FppHH3cmAiiJJAweH5Jo4bM=
  • X-Shoplazza-Shop-Domain: abc.myshoplaza.com
  • X-Shoplazza-Api-Version: 2020-07

X-Shoplazza-Hmac-Sha256 — used for validate if this API call is from Shoplazza.
X-Shoplazza-Shop-Domain — to acknowledge the specific store domain.
X-Shoplazza-Api-Version — to acknowledge the version of the webhook API.