Transaction Properties


idstringTransaction id
order_idstringThe ID for the order that the transaction is associated with.
statusstringThe status of the transaction. Valid values: authorized, void, processing,success,error,refunding,refunded,refund_failed, ,expire
payment_channelstringThe payment channel used for this transaction. Valid values: bogus, adyen, airwallex,allinpay,apgdirect,asiabilldirect,checkoutgoogle,dlocaldirect, ,ebanx...
payment_namestringCurrently only paypal is available, identify the specific paypal channel used.Valid values:paypal, paypal_credit_debit_card, paypal_acdc,paypalvenmo,paypal_express_checkout,paypal_classic_mode,paypalspb
messagestringA json returned by the payment provider containing additional information about the reasons for the success or failure of the transaction.
testboolWhether to test the order.
error_codestringThe error code used for this transaction. Valid values: 3DS_verification_failed, card_not_support, invalid_cvc,invalid_card_number,pick_up_card,expired_card,card_declined,insufficient_funds, ,suspected_fraud,issuer_declined,invalid_account,processing_error,currency_not_support,invalid_amount...
payment_detailsobjectInformation about the payment method used for this transaction
amountThe amount of money included in the transaction. If you don't provide a value for amount, then it defaults to the total cost of the order (even if a previous transaction has been made towards it).
currencystringThe three-letter code (ISO 4217 format) for the currency used for the payment.
trade_idstringThe id of the transaction on the side of the payment provider
created_atstringThe time this fulfillment created, ISO-8601 format


card_numberstring4242 42** 4242, showing the first 6 and last 4 digits
card_monthstringThe month in which the credit card expires.
card_yearstringThe year in which the credit card expires.
card_first_namestringFirstName of the credit card holder
card_last_namestringLastName of the credit card holder
card_first_fixstringFirst 6 digits of card number
card_last_fourintegerLast 4 digits of card number
avs_result_codestringResponse codes for address verification systems
cvv_result_codestringA response code from the credit card company indicating whether the customer has entered the card security code or card verification value correctly