Quick Start


Shoplazza API help Store Admins and App developers to manage stores with efficiency.

Explore Shoplazza API reference and templating documentation. You have access to everything from the Admin API.

This QUICKSTART guide intends to walk you through 6 steps to use the APIs, and hopefully, after this journey, you would know how to use Shoplazza APIs to manage stores.

1. Register a Shoplazza Partner account

Before you use Shoplazza's Open API to build your apps to provide services for merchants, your need to join our partner program platform, follow this guide to register a Shoplazza Partner account

2. Create an App

You can create an app in partner dashboard, then your Client ID & Client Secret will generated automatically, you can use these for the OAuth process and Open API, follow this guide to create an app.

3. Create a development store

Developers need the development store when developing apps for app's testing and verification, follow this guide to create development store

4. OAuth

After you get your Client key and Client Secret, then you have to let your app to get merchants permission to use Open API to read and write their data by go through the OAuth process.

Follow OAuth - Step 2: Get API Access Token to get merchants permission to get the API Access Token.

5. Make authenticated requests

After your app has retrieved an API Access Token, your app can make authenticated request to Admin API.

Follow OAuth - Step 3: Make authenticated requests to learn more how to make authenticated requests.

6. Submit your app to app store

When you finished app development, you could submit by go the the partner dashboard to submit your app for review, follow this guide to know how to submit your app.