Shoplazza API Authentication

This guide introduces the different methods of authenticating and authorizing apps with Shoplazza platform. Make sure that you understand the differences between the types of authentication and authorization schemes before you begin your development process.

Authentication Types

Authentication is the process of verifying the identity of the user or the app. To keep transactions on Shoplazza platform safe and secure, all apps connecting with Shoplazza APIs must authenticate when making API requests.

Authorization is the process of giving permissions to apps, at Shoplazza we use OAuth for Authorization. Merchants can authorize Shoplazza apps to access data in a store. For example, an app might be authorized to access orders and product data in a store.

Different types of apps use different authentication methods:

Type of apps

Where to create

Authentication methods

Public apps

Created in Partner Center

Use OAuth

Private apps

Created in Shoplazza Store Admin

Use Access Token



Please make sure you know the difference between the authentication types mentioned above before your kick start your development process.